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There is news about the latest virus extremity for mobile phone users. This is not a computer virus attack, but the cell phone. The way of Works is the same way with computer viruses. This virus comes from Europe and began attacking American and Asian (news June-July 2001 Info Media edition), and now in Indonesia also.

How it works:

1st Your phone rings, and show the PD screen name, among other things: XXX, YYY, OOO, 123
2nd If you receive a phone screen PD code like this should not be revoked / receive, let it sit until Dead Ringer.
3rd After the "missed call" check-in call register daftaf HP, you get the letters XXX, YYY, OOO, 123 without names and no identity.
4th Back to the main menu displayed on the phone.
5th Try to call back to you call-register/missed.
6th Odd numbers are gone funny ..... not ..!

If you get something like this, it means that someone is trying to send a virus in your phone.
The motive of selected is usually the perpetrator, the victim at random, can the people in their own country or it could be from abroad. Usually you get your phone number if you never give a phone number via the Internet to carry out a registration or e-mail confirmation of payment. managed by the offender, add a virus in your HP will transmit the virus, the identity data, no SIM card and your PIN (if your GSM postpaid customers) and send the PIN number and SIM card number ( If your GSM prepaid customers). from the data, who can, that person can use your credit card from a distance and identity for the things emergency. They are running so slow out of the blue pulse, or (because your pulse simultaneously with the offender) is used.

As the virus:

1st Colorable virus entry will be attacked soon, and your SIM will be sent out many of the useful information for the offender.
2nd The virus is now to reduce your pulse.
3rd The virus is moving into the software in your mobile phone
4th The virus will settle down and continue stuck in your HP software, so if you would think to change SIM card, then spot a new virus will attack your SIM card.
5th After a certain time will break your software viruses and you ......... damaged the HP-story, because it is not used and maintained again.
6th And, if your HP is connected on a computer / modem, then the virus will attack your computer connected.

Perhaps the only thing accessories that you can use just casing and battery. Hopefully this information helpful to those who have HP and for those who love SMS play.

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