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In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.

Mobile phones, were initially referred to as the devices meant for the rich people. These tiny gadgets were at that time, really expensive items. Moreover, the cost of calling were also really high. The sky high costs also made these mobile phones and services out of the reach of common people. But the scenario has changed significantly. These devices are now seen as a necessity for all. More and more people are seen with a mobile phone, nowadays. The cost of mobile handsets have also gone done sharply. However, these days new and technically advanced handsets can be acquired at fairly cheap prices. Thus, these days the cheap mobile phones can be easily accessed even by the common people. But the cost of the services, is one such thing which everyone looks for, before getting the mobile phone.

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The mobile phone users, come from almost every segment of society nowadays. Most of them, seek the cost-effective plans, by which they can avail cheap call rates and services. Companies try to attract the users by slashing their prices but this is a temporary solution as far as the low priced services are concerned. One can avail a mobile phone via three different options. First, is contract mobile phone deals, second is pay as you go mobile package and last but not the least the sim free schemes. A user can get different benefits along with these options as they are structured for the specific users. With the pay as you go mobile package, the user gets to use the service of his or her mobile phone for a very short period of time and as such the user has to expand the package in order, to use the mobile service for a longer period of time. The number of mobile phone models available in such a package cannot be counted. Further, with the SIM free schemes, the user get a vast range of mobile phones as compared to other mobile phone packages. In these schemes the user can enjoy the freedom of picking up the latest SIM free mobile handset from the market and get a SIM card of the desired network provider. In both these options the user needs to buy calling minutes to make calls. Both the options sound comfortable but have fairly expensive calling and service rates. Even though the user gets the network freedom but the calling rates are considerably slightly high. The best way to avail the cheap mobile phone deals is by getting contract mobile phone deals.

In the contract mobile phone deals, the user enters into a contract with the company for a period which may range between 12 to 24 months for the usage of mobile phones. The concerned service provider company would also provide various schemes along with the deals. One can lay hands on free gifts, free call minutes or discount coupons by opting for this cost-effective deal. The user just has to pay a monthly bill to the network company in these deals. Such options make the contract phones very cost-effective. But the biggest advantage, which the users get in these deals would be reasonably the lucrative incentives. The call and service rates are really cheap in the contract deals. The users are also entertained with a wide range of mobile phone models. One can easily find all the latest and high end phones in these deals at really cheap prices. These cheap mobile phone deals are a blessing for those people who love to spend more time on the phone.

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