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Current info about is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest info available.

HTC is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile sector and the extraordinary has been achieved for several years. HTC has registered as a reliable mobile phone manufacturer. Here are some of the latest HTC mobile phone models are now required --

HTC Dopod C720W
The HTC Dopod C720 W Smartphone supports Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile, Bluetooth V 2.0, 3D Surround Sound output with impressive 2.43 320 x 240 TFT display. The phone has a memory of 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM (persistent storage). The battery also promises 220 hours standby time, so that the devices are often perfect for tourists.
HTC Dopod C720 W features make the phone must-have gadget for businessmen and professionals who are everywhere. The phone works on both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino platform. Professional technology, the message of HTC Dopod C720 W Smartphone business users to chat and help even more efficient. With GPRS / EDGE access and easy access to Wi-Fi 802.11g stay connected even more simple. The QWERTY keyboard with nicely spaced-out keys and 5-way navigation key create a nice gadget to use.

HTC P4350
He will not call over this beautiful small Pocket PC phone and all the more because it comes with a small slide the keyboard itself! The HTC P4350 also known as the HTC Herald, has all the usual features, such as mobile phone messages, calendar and organizer, etc. PDF viewer and more. But more interesting is that the phone gives Microsoft Pocket Office with Word, Excel and Power Point.

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The interesting features of this phone is HTC cursive writing mode. You can actually churn out beautiful, hand-written notes to type this post and use it for a more personal touch. For connectivity, the phone has Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, it will all your data transfer needs. WiFi enabled phone can also be a simple and convenient connectivity anywhere, anytime.

HTC P3400i
P34001 is the HTC touch screen mobile phone design with HTC sweet and chic. This is supported by Windows Mobile 5.0 and gives you an awesome 2.8inch QVGA touch screen. The main applications that are included in the mobile phone that will impress you Push Mail, Office Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player Mobile and Pocket MSN.

That does not mean that only the Internet on your phone, but also the entire office and a complete package for all types of media entertainment there, on your mobile phone! HTC phone offers you a complete set of personal Internet connectivity, office and multimedia entertainment world, including the viewing of videos, music etc.

HTC PDA's are not only in the Windows application, other features like Bluetooth, a 2 Meg pixel CMOS camera and quad-band GSM. There is a 64 MB SDRAM which can be improved with an MMC or SD memory cards that fit your needs.

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