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Nokia introduced the Nokia 2730 Classic as a doorway into a small mobile phone category. This function is a good communication technology and can handle basic phone functions like a charm. It also has additional features that allow the camera to use GPRS to access the web site and as media playback device is compatible with many good music formats. Finally, a good battery life to ensure that users can fully enjoy the phone without worrying about the battery. A simple but stylish phone case design is good enough and buyers a choice of colors, too.

Worth second look

Taking a cue from another good phone features on the Nokia 2730 Classic readily accessible and easy to use. With the user interface is very well used by Siemens and the availability of assistance options on the phone itself. Users who have not used Nokia models will have little trouble adapting to the control system for the 2730 Classic. The understanding of the various settings is simple. Applications can easily run and jump to the normal phone functions.

Music playback easier thanks to a new media player from Nokia. Expenditure and easy to play a different music and video file formats with little or no load times or jump. This is a proof of the power decent hardware built into the phone itself. 2 megapixel camera and is good photos and 15 frames per second video that's perfect for making or taking a short video clip for later viewing. Finally, browsing is easy thanks to the GPRS web browser a fully functional before installed in the phone.

True Value

Although the phone is good for its class, there are clear user who just wants more from their mobile phone and investments. Especially users who prefer to have a large touch screen. Another factor is that no mobile phone with Windows Mobile, which means that no word processor or spreadsheet software are available on the phone. The 2730 can not go head to head with the Pocket PC. But it provides a decent alternative for people who do not want to overspend for the phone, but will appreciate the features really well. At the end, the Nokia 2730 survive in the era of high-end phones with the dedicated purpose as a phone for every person.

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Anonim said on 21 September 2009 16.58  

Happy Eid ul-Fitr (Muslim) and Happy Holiday (Non-Muslim).

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Muh. Fachrizal said on 3 Oktober 2009 09.04  

Is that better than Nokia 3120c ..??

Anonim said on 5 Oktober 2009 10.14  

nice article babe......

Rihar Diana(dhana) said on 6 Oktober 2009 13.57  

ehm..its good posting n nice blog...for getting to know UR posting again,i was follow UR blog n follow back me ya..!!!n i was put Ur name blog in my links...thnxs n good luck for U amien...

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NURA said on 17 Oktober 2009 19.30  

salam friend
Nokia 2730 classic,,I like it.

Zein Okeh said on 5 November 2009 11.51  

nice info..
good luck forever..

Anonim said on 6 November 2009 13.57  

good job is sellular blog nice

the sun shine said on 6 November 2009 19.38  

nice phone..but I cannot buy it yet..hi3

taekwondo indonesia said on 9 November 2009 17.28  

i have it fren....nice

Rizky2009 said on 12 November 2009 11.17  

nice post n' thx's ur information

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