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Phone is used not only for business tycoons to day and now allows parents to use their children's mobile phones. Mobile phones are getting close to the talks during the Drum, as close to the brain causes damage to brain tissue.

Elementary students carry their laptops with the phone. Many schools have banned mobile phones. If the child is not with the phone when he could not turn the phone if they use a lot of houses will be allowed.

The firefly is the first mobile phone for kids. This is a Cingular Wireless phone that is made just for the kids, so you can add it just to talk to family planning. Although Firefly phone a real phone, but teenagers do not like to use it and they might like a normal phone.

Positive fact that your child is mobile, that they contact in an emergency. Negative fact is that many children do not know how to responsibly use the phone. When you buy a new phone for your kids, you have to teach them how to do it correctly using the right and classifying and abuse of telephone usage.

Let the children alone, this will lead to a valuable perk. Stay in touch with your children. Parents must take responsibility to educate them how to use the phone the right way and asked them to use it as an appropriate tool for communication.

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imelda said on 2 Januari 2010 20.43  

its indeed modern trechnology invasion now. even kids do need it.

Anonim said on 4 Januari 2010 14.22  

plus and minus for technology..

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