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Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about ? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about .

HTC Hero
As one of the most popular devices in HTC Android, this phone ever marks for its functionality. It has access to the Android App Store, which steadily growing number of applications for download. It is also one of the first new HTC mobile phone user interface, use scythe. Sense, it is easier to access the information you want, then go through different menus.

The integration with Facebook is placed over the phone to the test. The phone, for example, builds on your friends' profiles, photos and profiles of more access to their photos. Thanks to the hero completely customizable homepage, Facebook and a number of Facebook applications (via the App Store) may be placed wherever you want. There is no need to scroll through the menus you do not want to trawl.

LG Cookie
The LG Cookie is a unique non-business use of the few phones with a pen. As one of the few touchscreen phones in the vicinity of 100 pounds of the color of those who want easy access to Facebook is, without a price. For music-lovers of the MP3 player and FM radio are great features. Facebook is easy to use thanks to the large 3-inch screen and built-in accelerometer. If your landscape pictures to see, just the phone on its side and the screen is adjusted automatically.

Motorola DeXT
Known as the Droid () in the U.S., the DeXT the first Android phone coming from Motorola. MOTO DeXT developed by Motorola to blur social networking easier.All status of your contacts and Twitter feeds for updates through the same place - so that people can be monitored by the following one application at a particular location. MOTO blur can also update your Twitter and Facebook status from the same place at once. The droid is also a pull-out full QWERTY keyboard, so social networking butterflies never find it too difficult to keep the world!

If you can not live without facebook make sure you choose a phone like the Hero HTC, LG and Motorola DeXT cookie to ensure that Facebook is making close to you when you want.

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I love HTC brand. Useful post... Keep it up!

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