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In the beginning there was not much business, Internet services, not because there are many sites and very few users. Most Internet service providers were in those days, offering dial-up connections.

With the advancement of technology and the number of people using the Internet more and more each second, several companies are competing more and more to attract people to their sites.

Many companies have now with the latest wireless technology. With more and more people with laptops, each point on the Internet from any location with access via Wi-Fi technology.

The Wi-Fi signals to a router, an antenna, so many people can simultaneously use the Internet to transfer the use of a cable wire.

Now one day, most shopping malls, universities and hotels offer this option for their customers.

In the old days, students and researchers spent time in the libraries of national records and the availability of the books was even less makes it difficult for them.

After digitization of the libraries of students and researchers can use the most modern facilities. There are major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Google, the users with the valuable information they need to get help.

The online dictionary websites such Wikipaedia offers concise information in a consistent way in attracting more visitors to their sites. The preference for high-speed Internet access increases, because it saved the valuable time of the user.

Therefore, most users are addicted to chat and download most of the Internet and gaming cafés with high-speed Internet connections to their Internet Service Provider via a LAN connection (LAN). There was a time when only the phones for communication.

Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology is now increasingly popular on the Internet, using Wi-Fi connection, it is now possible to communicate with people in remote locations and remote locations.

The websites like Google, Yahoo, Rediff etc now that e-mailing service, chat, etc. all for free.

Everyone can only services such as video, instant messaging, etc. all for free. The video-chat system is provided by using a headset and microphone.

The loading of the soft goods, games, and it can be done by anyone, found using Wi-Fi connection. The Internet has also proved useful for entertainment, like movies, online games and files.

Most of the latter can be downloaded from the music more and more people, especially young people on their sites. It is now possible to friendship with any body through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are more easily using Wi-Fi connection.

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