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Role playing is as old as time itself Each player takes a branch and is a great fighter guilty of a role-playing. The system, however, was only formalized in the eighties with the invention of the table, rules-based RPG. Then the real explosion is made for this genre with the advances in computers and the creation of video games. Today, RPG's are some of the fastest selling game on the market. However, many of these games actually play online for free, whenever you want.

The fundamental role of free word games. This can include mud and other computer-generated environments. It also contains user-generated environments as found in forums and chat rooms.

generated in the case of computer-generated worlds, one scene, a setting, enemies, NPCs, treasure, weapons and everything in the world exists outside the character of the programmers to make the game. Everything is automated and robotic, with the exception of the interactions between players.

In the case of user-generated worlds, all or almost all generated by users. There may be some scenarios or scenes that are designed and supported by more organized groups, but in general the nature of the game is on the interaction between actors.

Fictional Blogging is a form of this where the game is really a story of a person telling remark to communicate with others via the blog. This makes a lot of creative writing in a media interaction that is usually very personal.

Finally you have the dominant form of free online role playing game, the graphical MUD. Often these basic functions MMORPGs with the familiar interface based on the control of an avatar, and the interactive nature, which is controlled by means of text, and player contracts.

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