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Mobile phone market is the most visited in the electronics business. They get bored quickly with a phone within six months and then start looking for a new. Mobile manufacturers are spoiled for choice of phones one after another kickass. One of the latest phones, which one to buy?

Everyone knows that Palm is a big wig smartphone business. It is based in smartphone sales held even with the arrival of new players. Palm launched the new year our Pre Palm Plus. This unit has all the features you into an existing mobile phone as 3G, Bluetooth and GPS. This makes the phone special, but what we really liked, is the multi-tasking OS. Low price is an invitation from Palm to get their hands dirty on the phone.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8530 is another newest mobile phone in 2010. RIM has high-end phones in the past, but this is only a basic smartphone for the first time user. It gives you good value for money. If you are looking for cheap mobile phone with features like Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS, then get this phone.

Samsung and LG remains one of the best smartphone makers in the U.S. market. Nokia has recently announced that it will cut production in 2010 is the smartphone, because they are not in a position to compete with these two competitors. This is the success of the Korean giant in recent years. Well we do not give LG smartphone for the year 2010, the latest version of their stables, LG helix, the device uses a basic course only for outgoing calls and SMS messages will be.

Motorola also has a long way. They have not given us a smart phone for the new year, but they have been Brutei680. As the name implies, is a rugged phone that can stand water and shocks. The disadvantage is that the rubber protection around the phone, the device is ugly.

He smiled the best last laugh. Our last laugh is called a nexus of Google, which started a new genre super phones. Although the concept is still well defined by smartphone makers, expect a great phone for the gap between smart phones and computers to shorten. The latest mobile phones of the year 2010, we believe that the greatest. The large screen is easy to make you drool. The internal components make this phone a guaranteed future. The only disappointment is the price. If you are willing to spend so much on the phone, we advise you to continue with it. You will not regret your purchase.

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