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People already understand about the dangerous pollution that created by fossil energy combustion result. They try to find other energy that safe for the environment but also can provide the same amount of energy. So, people already create other energy from wind, water and solar energy but all of them have several deficiencies. First is those energy cannot provide enough and stable electricity plus need a lot of budget to create the power plant.

The best alternative energy will be waste energy. People can easily find a lot of waste that can provide a stable energy and waste is one of the renewable energy. Other main reason is people will not run out of waste because every day people will produce organic or non organic waste. The technology that uses the renewable energy which is safe for the environment is called clean coal technology. They use the clean coal term because the electricity that the renewable energy produces is the same with the black coal produce but it will no dangerous combustion. This waste to energy can also applied in every house and become the best opportunity fuels for their vehicle.

People should start to save the environment right now and you can visit www.nviro.com before it is too late.

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Ek4zone said on 27 Maret 2010 11.33  

nice article,.


ilovepink1078 said on 29 Maret 2010 17.12  

Very informative article.Exactly, needed specially we're facing toward global changes. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, Hope you dont mind if I follow your blog.

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