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Do you know what to do with law? This informative report can give you information on everything you ever wanted to know about.

Announced to begin November 14-this BlackBerry Storm positioned as the "iPhone killer". Well, it? Let's look for the BlackBerry vs iPhone 3G battle.

Dimensions and design
BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone smaller, but in thickness. iPhone IMHO looks more stylish.
1 for iPhone

IPhone as BlackBerry Storm has a bright and clear touch screen, but you have a click effect is to experience new tactile Gadgets and Gizmos of the world.
1 for the BlackBerry Storm

Both iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm has touch screen user interface with the horizontal and portrait views (automatically play the second), scroll, pan and zoom options. iPhone interface is clear and slightly better.
1 for iPhone

Similar to the iPhone screen, quickly call contacts quickly, BlackBerry Storm has a voice option.
1 for the BlackBerry Storm

IPhone and the BlackBerry Storm has a lot of messages full of choices, but not the iPhone the biggest difference - is copy-paste options, and sends the message delivery confirmation reports without additional manipulation is required.
2 for the BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm is equipped with a real HTML browser rather similar iPhones. Have a zoom option and collection activities page. In fact at this moment there is no information if the Storm is capable browser Flash is known as the iPhone, while none.

You can see that there is practical value in learning more about. You can think of ways to implement what has been discussed so far?

Both iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm have music and video player, BlackBerry Storm is a little more useful if you allow to upload MP3 stuff without having to have iTunes or the PC smht you download from the make process easier. In fact, if your iTunes fan - it is a bug + Plus decision to buy the iPhone, but if you do not - the possibility of goods not only by the iTuned 'PC or Mac to create the BlackBerry Storm.

BlackBerry Storm comes with a lot of stuff installed. Well, it can be bad enough for you, and you do not something else. iPhone + Plus is great, sure, AppStore. BlackBerry fans will claim that it has many applications available for BlackBerry, but the friendly talk, then do not Apple's AppStore.
2 for iPhone

Makes BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone 3.2MPx of out-of-2.0 MPX day photographs and video recordings. I would say that the BlackBerry Storm has a built-in flash, which makes this gadget from the camera much more useful.
2 for the BlackBerry Storm

Both devices have a card with a built-in GPS.

Both devices have a mini-jack plug phone, BlackBerry Storm has microSD (TM) / SDHDA slot gives you the opportunity not only to increase the capacity of available memory (16GB iPhone is the maximum), but you only use the computer map download / upload all goods. And, of course, you can have more than one card (it's 16GB cards available in the market, but hope that he will not much time for 32 and more).
1 for the BlackBerry Storm

Availability and price
The two gadgets are about $ 200 with the d ** n the plan, but the BlackBerry Storm gives you the opportunity to use the 3G network of the other - if it really important to you.

Conclusion that
Well, we will only be calculated for 4-7 vs iPhone BlacvBerry Storm. But ... what are the "plus points" the same? iPhone plus points for the design, user interface, and iTunes AppStore vs BlackBerry Storm - the camera, copy-paste, instant messaging and flash card. It is up to you what you needed any more.

So now you know little about. Even if you do not know what that is done valuable: you have expanded.

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