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Competitive in the world, the company launched a high-end mobile phones in the mobile phone market worldwide. The most recent mobile phones are equipped with futuristic features.

Nokia is one of the best mobile phone company in the world. Most of the Nokia N-series phones come equipped with the ability to access the Internet, high resolution camera, easy to use music player, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and many more.

Therefore, let's talk about the Nokia N97 and Nokia N96 models. Although according to this slightly different from each other with the three most important qualities of the phone, the two models have created this crazy smoothly. Or the quality of the three options mentioned above is called connectivity, and storage capabilities of the music. This is the general difference is simple for users but for avid phone users, the choice is very important. Both phones come with this amazing amount of multimedia features that help users navigate the Internet and listen to music without interruption. Now, let's discuss the features of the N97 model is also a member of the family of Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia N97 is a sleek and sophisticated phone with a touchscreen that comes with many user-friendly and futuristic. This is a 2G or 3G mobile phone that has the potential to allow users to conduct face to face 3G video calls with compatible devices without pause throughout the world. The user can see the facial expressions of the person concerned to speak from the other end into a video call on the wide screen resolution. The device also has a large touchscreen TFT of 3.5 inches that has the potential to display images with the support of 16 million colors and high resolution display 360 x 640 pixels. This also has the accelerometer sensor to automatically rotate the screen control, a full QWERTY keyboard and handwriting recognition to provide a full touchscreen interface to the user. Even the phone is equipped with 32 GB of internal memory and can easily expand the external memory using a microSD (Transflash) memory card to 16 GB. A person can easily store more media files that are in memory. Device 5 mega pixel camera is enhanced with additional features such as Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus and flash technology, which is a great image and providing a high quality video clips.

Moreover, the Nokia N96 is a dual slider phone, which is very easy to use and is further enhanced with various user-friendly features. In comparison, the Nokia N97 Nokia Vs 96, we can easily see the differences. Model N96, which is slick and stylish mobile phone in the market today. Quality comes with 5 mega pixel camera that has the potential to deliver crisp, clear images with the help of Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and flash features. Nokia N96 mobile phone has been larger than 16 GB of internal memory that allows users to store more media files easily. Users also can expand the external memory via the telephone of the microSD (Transflash) memory cards up to 8GB of face. This device is also equipped with multiple connectivity features like GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G and WLAN technology to allow users to access the World Wide Web is easy anytime, anywhere. Music player that can easily phone supports several popular file formats such as audio MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC and WMA.

After finishing second widget description of the Nokia N97 and Nokia N96, one can say that the second application has the potential to offer incredible mobile experience for users.

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