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Simple list of the following articles, tips of information that will help you have a better experience.


Remove your music player, have led to the phone, instead of the Motorola ROKR E8. This phone is designed for music Unleashed andalusia market. However, you can save up to its name?


Similar to the touch screen, pressure sensitive buttons. It is a mix between the button and the touch screen, but no text and allow the reasonable speed of text. However, you lose your phone if it has not been activated. When turned off, the phone can be compared with nearly a. .. great ... black ... things. Have lost the key and cover well enough.

Woo Hoo! Phone that allows us to connect our headsets 3.5 mm! The design is kept clean by placing microSD slot in the handset and SIM card slot. So we hope that will not change the cards often without the hassle of opening the phone. In addition, the screen is measured at 51 mm (2 inches) and product quality, bright screen.


Even when using Opera Mini, mobile internet connection is almost nap-worthy. Although the slowness of the site, large international phone for use with the EDGE and GPRS and quad band compatibility.

It's about finding something new every day. This issue has no exceptions. Read on for more news about new.

Yet another phone without a flash for the camera, which also no ROKR E8. However, it comes packed with a 2 megapixel camera on the back with a storage space of 2 GB can be expanded using a microSD card and memory are grouped together.

Although the music format support including MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA, you can stop downloads from Napster and iTunes on your PC and it will not work on this phone. However, if you still have to listen to the music, you can listen through the headphone jack or stereo Bluetooth A2DP connection.


It may take some time to get used to this phone, especially if you're used to using a Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone, but do not get easier with time.

Though not a slight delay when navigating the menu, with terms that touch can move quickly when browsing through long lists. Though not really a button, type the text fast enough by pressing the right button. We are very impressed with the key to long term.

ROKR E8 to match the player with features to give good sound quality with low, heavy media, sharp and bright. Furthermore, the sound quality is also great, if not the best. Stronger do not have a phone, but you can opt out of this.


This phone is a great music phone. We need a way that is used for all but the seemingly comfortable in the end. The sound quality on the top and have a headphone jack for music players. Laggy A little more and may include file format support, but overall the phone is worth it.

So now you know very little. Even if you do not know everything that has made a valuable, which has expanded you.

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