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On Stable Web Design, we understand the importance of a good website. We offer web design / logo and branding and advertising needs of small and medium businesses in and around the Hertfordshire area and we have found that many companies have missed a valuable basis on their websites.

Of course, most companies have already started a website to life. But it is not enough to have one! It is good, consider it your toughest vehicle communications with customers and prospects. The great thing about a website that is a huge amount of people accessible from almost anywhere. In addition, you, you change if you want to live in contrast to an incorrect entry in the Yellow Pages you need until the next issue published.

But all that evaporated value and usability, if you are not entitled to a few basic things with your site.

We believe there are five qualities that are crucial for a successful business website. Websites should be ...

* Update information frequently

* Its easy to use

* Submission of the quality of the content

* Respond to questions within 24 hours

* City soon

Miss one of these points, and you're not maximizing the value of your company's website.

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