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Various vendors for smartphone and PDA phone racing to market their products. It is working with service providers to an exclusive network to create chat and send e-mail with ease. There are also a variety of the latest technologies such as 3.5G, the data on access to the Internet or by email at high speed. Some manufacturers use the function Global Positioning Satellite or GPS with maps integrated into their products, that people make is not lost, wherever they are to be preserved.

Basically, the smart phone or PDA phone is a communication device or a mobile phone equipped with a digital organizer. This device can also function as a data organizer, e-mail client, web browser, music player, video player, digital cameras, GPS, edit documents, and other functions.

What is the difference between PDA's and smart phones?

Actually, both are almost similar. PDA phone, which stands for personal digital assistant phone, is the development of the PDA, which can be used as a phone. PDA itself was originally created as a mini-computer, the bear as a digital organizer and everywhere easily. However, in subsequent development, is the function in the PDA phone, which is known as PDA phones included.

Instead smartphone is the development of mobile and added features and other facilities that it is a smartphone and as a smartphone. In comparison, almost no difference between the PDA's and smartphones.

Tips Choosing a PDA phone or smartphone

Here are some tips and advice before you choose your phone to a smartphone or PDA to replace the phone.

If you frequently travel abroad or out of town, do not choose a smartphone with GSM and CDMA. Foreign countries you can buy prepaid cards to be installed on the smartphone. You can also use the roaming network you are using your service provider. But if you're more in the country, you can use alternative networks, such as CDMA.

OS (Operating System)
We have a variety of operating systems (OS) for the smartphone available. Some of them are Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, Linux, Palm OS and BlackBerry. Each has advantages and special features. Check carefully what features are most suitable and most widely used. Almost all operating systems can perform basic functions such as telephone, e-mail, web and SMS / MMS. But there are some special features, such as the BlackBerry is able to connect the e-mail server and chat a special server to the BlackBerry. If you frequently use Microsoft products like Windows and Microsoft Office, you can select the device with Windows Mobile operating system, so you are more accustomed to using it.

Speed Data (Download Speed)
Velocity data can also be a special attention for those who are too often the data over the Internet or send data via e-mail. Some smartphone offers 3G data speeds up to HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Package Access) or 3.5G speed up up to 7 times the speed of 3G. In the CDMA network is also known as EV-DO. When you subscribe to packet-based time, the higher the data rate, the lower the bill your credit card, because the download time quicker. Speed data from the lowest to the highest (over GSM networks): GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G (HSDPA).

WiFi function
If you are often located in areas that a free hotspot is available, you need to buy a smartphone are equipped with WiFi. With this device you can connect to the Internet without charge to your credit card bills. This feature is not recommended for mobile devices, there are many networks offer broadband Internet speeds, such as 3.5G and EV-DO.

QWERTY keyboard
Some smartphones are equipped with a QWERTY keyboard system is similar to the arrangement of letters letters on the keyboard of your computer or laptop. This arrangement is easier for users to enter the phone as the numeric keypad or the numbers. If you frequently type, then you're ready to use QWERTY keyboard. But if you just call just to read your e-mail and surfing, numeric keypad or the numbers are still right for you.

Connectivity (connectivity)
Make sure you can present information to the media on smartphones or other devices to move easily. Suppose you have a picture or a portrait made that transfer a lot in your own smartphone and want to your computer or your laptop or on a printer. Of course, you must connect to other devices such as data cable, USB or Bluetooth. Therefore, make sure that one or other devices to connect multiple devices on the smartphone, you want to buy, too.

Check the number of available internal memory mencukup needed for your data. If you feel less, make sure also that the smartphone has a slot for external memory, to record your data.

If you frequently work on documents on your smartphone, then select the screen size (display) is large. The larger screen makes it easier and more comfortable in the process and work on your documents. But to think that a large screen size make these devices more batteries are required. Consider also the color depth is also shown. The greater color depth, the images will appear more beautiful.

You can also use the application (software) Nothing contained in these smartphones. If you frequently documents processed, whether the existing Office applications in IT (office suite) as a word processor, spreadsheet and other applications. Or if you want to listen to music or watching movies, whether applications are already available, good entertainment in it.

Corporate Connection (Corporate Connection)
If you are associated with smartphones, which offer employees in your company will be smart phones, consider the integration with the system of your company. BlackBerry is widely used for enterprise employees, as compability integrate with email systems and servers in the enterprise.

After Sales Service
Make sure you buy a smartphone from a dealer, the after sales service is clear. As the number of features on a smartphone, of course you have such a good after-sales support service, product training, software updates and improvements.

Verify Again
Be sure to buy again before the decision for the smartphone with the following question to yourself:
o The tool is easy to keep?
o If the screen is clear enough?
o The price is for these devices makes sense for me?
o the key and the keyboard is easy to use?

Smartphone or PDA phone is not the cheap stuff. Therefore, if I want to buy the device, you must carefully for what you need. If your primary need, to music, watch movies, listen, or play games, then you should just buy the HP with entertainment features. But if you frequently use the Internet to work with a variety of documents require regulatory schedule and organizer, you should choose a product, Smartphone or PDA phone. A smartphone is simply too much of your life.

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