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One of the main components that affect the speed of the Internet, the dish that comes together with a satellite internet system. Taking into account the fact that in order to speed satellite Internet to obtain, must first install the dish in an appropriate manner and environment. In the first place should ensure that the area where you are on the market are wide and open. Never took them between the trees and walls, because these objects could interfere with and reduce the feed from satellites are received in the form of radio waves. Apart from the safe setting of the satellite to a pole or an object that you could screw tightly. This is due to lose the satellite could not be placed stationary due to factors such as wind, which eventually can cause your problems in their context you have.

Next would be available as soon satellite internet from the beginning for your purchase, it is most important. Be especially sure to always give you the right plan for you have bought used. Some people tend to pick the wrong package, and finally complained about slow Internet connections.

The reason is that different packages available to fit different purposes, including use of internet speed varies from packet to packet. The price for a faster internet connection is also generally higher, and so if a user who requires a fast Internet connection, one would choose the more expensive packages.

Finally, if you are not in the format settings and also ask your satellite experienced unit, always help, especially by authorized personnel. Most satellite Internet service from the company helping their customers use their Internet connection. So if you have problems with setting up your satellite Internet connection is always free to call the service provider, because they are more than willing to help for a small fee or sometimes even free.

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G E O R G E O U Z said on 26 Januari 2010 09.11  

wah...nice info..
I so understand now why my internet connection is impaired in the event of strong winds...
thank you for the information

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