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The technology of mobile phones steps very quickly. These days everyone is on the other smart phones such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc. Even the phones are much more complex than a few years ago. The iPhone and Blackberry have changed everything. The iPhone has a phone and converts music with mind-blowing selection of over one hundred thousand applications. Meanwhile, Blackberry made via e-mail to a new level. When you receive an e-mail is pushed to a BlackBerry device. Google launched Android mobile operating system, and it is fast catching on with mobile manufacturers like Motorola and HTC. It is already a selection of over twenty thousand apps.

What does this competition mean for consumers? Come Expect more and more innovation in a few years, maybe your laptop or note book no longer required from you. In fact, mobile phones buy a whole new name. They are tools that you can call. Fully functional internet is already available in most phones. Projectors will be added to the hardware, so you can make a presentation of your phone. Touch screens are getting better by the day. The storage capacity in mobile phones has already reached levels of 32 to 64 GB of data. Even now you can use most of the tasks you perform on your computer. For the Internet, with speeds 3G/3GS the computer can no longer be required. The phone will be enough for the browser and the Internet. Perhaps a cable to the phone can connect a monitor, so a larger screen is available. Just print plant can also be provided on the common interface (eg USB).

The number of applications available have already shown that mobile devices can be used for a wide range of applications previously thought impossible. Perhaps smart phones are pocket computers listed in the future. Let's see.

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