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Photo is the medium to portray our unforgettable memories. It can be with our family, friends, or our couple. I bet you want have a cool photos for your collection. To make it cool and attractive than before you can add your photo with photo effect. If you are a beginner it is impossible for you to make the effect by yourself.

For that reason photo fun from En.Picjoke.Com give you an opportunity to create your own photo creation by serving you with hundred of photo effects. The way to work with photofun is very easy because you just need to upload your favorite photo to the site and choose your favorite effect. If you done with that you just need to wait it to see the final result.

The result of your photo from photofunia can be put on your space in social network, email, and forum. The effects will be classified in a date order and everyday will be added by new photo effect. If you want to have it for your private collection, you just need to print it out. Be creative and create a lot of new photos by adding photo effects. For your information, you can use it for your card gift in certain occasions such Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many other.

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Javabis99 said on 16 Januari 2010 14.17  

good information friend, thank

Christopher's Blog said on 18 Januari 2010 09.47  

I used photofunia....i'll try other now.

best regard
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lee said on 18 Januari 2010 10.18  

Good info buddy....keep posting like this....goodluck
oh one thing..buddy i follow u ,hope you followw me back...

Iuri said on 14 September 2010 20.54  

photofunia is not so bad. Just try Picjoke.com they have some awesome effects also.

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