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Internet is maybe the world most common word..Almost everyone knows what internet is and what the purposes of the internet are. in this modern life almost all of the human’s activities are directly touch the internet. In the morning after you wake up, you check the inbox in your email, or when you buy new TV set through eBay and when your boss want know the progress of the job you do through net meeting, all of those activities are using the help from the internet

One basic component of the internet is website. Website is the address in the internet that anyone can visit and do many things like shopping in an online store or sending emails in certain email’s website. Basically website can be owned by anyone. The content is of course is very depending on the owner of the website. The owner can put their poems or their story if they like to write, or they can put products or service that they sell if they intended to do business by using the internet which called by e-business. In order to have website, the very first thing that you should do is contact web hosting company. Web hosting company is a company that will take care of your website after its being uploaded to the internet.

Basically web hosting company is a company that rent the space in the internet connected server that they have. They also provide service for servers that don’t have connection to the internet and then located them in the data center called by collocation. There are many web hosting companies that offer different space to rent and different speed. If you are interested in making your own website you must carefully select the web hosting company. You can go to WebHostingGeeks.com to compare many web hosting companies. There are also ranks in many categories of the companies like dedicated server which usually used for those who want to have total security for their website or VPS hosting for small medium business.

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